Borjorn makes the dwarves

The great maker and shaper, Borjorn is the one who is believed to have created the dwarves and perhaps even the very mountains themselves. It is said and sung that the dwarves came from the sparks that were emitted when Borjorn struck his mighty anvil with his hammer and created the world. From those sparks maggots appeared and they crawled around the feet of Borjorn. The maggots slithered away to dig nests and homes under the rock. Borjorn quickly grew fond of the maggots, as he did with all his creations. He saw that they loved the rock, the soot and the mountain and that they seemed to be in connection with it. He started to shape the worms and bestow them with a consciousness, the power to craft and shape the rock they loved so much, and strong and sturdy souls. He also gave to them the kingdom of Muspelheim where the dwarves now dwell, deep in the underbelly of the world. Ever since that moment when the worms became what are today called dwarves, there have been three types in Trudvang: the Buratja, the Borjornikka (grey dwarves), and the Zvorda (troll dwarves).