Riotminds - DoD6 - Jorges Bestiarium - 150dpi - color

For many days we had been spellbound by the old mans tales. The window boards in the small inn were locked and the fire cracked with the enchanting power of magic. The wind howled and the winter storm raged outside the house. We had walked a long way to meet this legendary man and hear his stories. It was said he had retired from the harsh life in the cloisters many winters ago. His name was Jorge Gronfjard and had once upon a time been Ovus' best beastiary, a man who cataloged our worlds beasts and creatures. His knowledge was inexhaustible and he answered all our questions. He taught us that the feared Hrimtursar carried such a coldness that men who went to near the enormous giants died. With eager words and sparkling eyes he told us about how the Logedrakar and giant spiders used to be bitter enemies. He told us about the dark spiritual powers tha made the evil trolls keep constantly hunting for new souls.
Suddenly the creaking from the rocking chair ceased and Jorge closed his eyes. The wind ceased and it seemed as if the wind, which had been his life partner for so many years, now said a respectful good bye. Jorge had passed on. Maybe he went to the god he had worshiped for so long, maybe he became one with the wind. When we later that night looked through the old mans few possessions to send them back to the cloister, we found a strange book. The front was graced by two loaded words: Jorge's Beastiary. When we looked through it we found a treasure, the like of we had never seen.

Jorges Bestiarium takes you deeper into the world of fairy tales than you could ever imagine. Now all the beasts of Trudvang are categorized. Jorges Bestiarium contains grand descriptions of each monster and detailed rules for how to play them. In the book you will also find the description of a new religion - Hamingjes, the dark faith - and the first official map of Trudvang.
Come with us on a journey through Trudvang! Let Jorges Bestiarium be an insatiable source of inspiration for you in your scenarios and campaigns.