Samund had served in Trollmark since he was old enough to carry a spear. He counted the brothers Baldir and Hirmod to his friends, whose father was Jorn Entloft.

Samund stood on the battlements of the mighty castle and felt the cold winds blow with increasing frequency. There was a feeling of anxiety in the air, winter was not the only thing approaching. He was not the only one who felt discomfort. Something was wrong, something was happening. It was rumored that the entire western countries were on fire, that war raged, and that the ravens had never found food in such an abundance before. The lands on the other side of Osterhavet (Eastern Sea) were brought down to their knees and had turned to Pater [a high priest/the "pope"] for help, he had responded to their plea.

Everywhere he went inside the walls of Trollmark he felt discomfort, and outside the walls you could always sense the stench of death and decay.

On the path that led into the castle he saw a man - or was it a boy - walk to the gate. From his command post high above he thought the man looked unusually pale, he was also wearing way too little clothing. The man wore a large sword on his back. It was quite obvious that he was a housecarl, yet it seemed as if he had not yet reached manhood.

"Reveal your name and your business", Samund shouted from the battlements.

The man stopped and looked towards Samund.

"I have come to serve, what you call me does not matter."

Little did Samund suspect that the man was carrying doom and nothing good would come of his visit to Trollmark.

Likstorm is the last and final part of the series of The Black Sun. It certainly works as a standalone adventure, but for those who played Vildhjarta, Snösaga and Eldsjäl, Likstorm continues an epic campaign that plays out over several years and across Osthem.

Likstorm is best suited for experienced players and the gamemaster should have at least some experience in running adventures before he / she tries running Likstorm.

The book presents a wealth of information about the town and castle Trollmark in the north of Osthem, as well as detailed information about the campaign, various locations and NPCs.