The great wanderer, maker of the ancient tree Yggdhraasil and the father of all mankind.
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History Edit

When the Vaniir came to Trudvang with the elves, they showed them the world. They taught the elves how to weave vitner, and told them about the relationship between Trudvang, Dimhall and Sarvisja. They fought together with the elves against the logi dragons in Falekala, and after the war, they left.

But one of them, Whote, was restless. He left the other gods and spirits and with his ravens and great spear he wandered out into the world to experience it for himself. After traveling the world, he stuck his spear into the ground. There it would grow to become Yggdhraasil, the Ancestor Tree, that gave birth to humans; he would become their protector and guardian. When the Vaniir abandoned Trudvang and the elves, he remained behind.

While the Ostron still look upon Whote as their creator, most no longer worship him as a god. Instead they revere powerful spirits of nature known as Flowras, and great heroes of old. Only his handful of remaining worshippers remember his divine status and his former membership of the Vaniir.

He is often depicted as a great and huge man even though he is seldom worshipped or prayed to. He loves man most as they are his creation and he often concerns himself with their business - which he learns a great deal about through his raven messengers.