Zvorda is the branch of dwarfs that are much larger and more powerful than the other two. They’ve gotten their name from the word that in Futhark means Troll, Zvordadir. They have a more troll like appearance than other dwarfs. Their backs are crooked, the arms strong and the legs short and bent. Some says that this form of dwarfs is the main form of dwarfs, a sort that is strong and hardy. Others say that that they are the link between the trolls and the dwarfs. Some even go so far by to say that they aren’t dwarfs, but trolls. The Zvordadwarfs are however always respected for their size and strength, which has made them to often take the job as warriors or tunnel diggers.

Like the Borjornikka dwarfs the Zvorda live in their carved stone halls and close to the large mines. They pray to the same gods and have the same sight on the mountain as Borjornikka. The only thing that separates them – except the size and looks - from the Borjornikka is that they are much fewer in numbers and that they like the Buratja prefers to stay in their mountain halls than going out in Trudvang.

There is Zvordadwarfs that lives with the Buratjadwarfs, but mostly they choose to live with the Borjornikkadwarfs.